Plot flat maps of cortical surfaces.


Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.misc.plot.flat_surf


curvature_from_any(c) Reads curvature
flat_surface2grid_mask(surface, min_nsteps) Computes a mask and corresponding coordinates from a flat surface
flat_surface2xy(surface) Returns a tuple with x and y coordinates of a flat surface
flat_surface_curvature2rgba(curvature) Computes an RGBA colormap in black and white, based on curvature
flat_surface_data2rgba(data[, range_, ...]) Computes an RGBA colormap for surface data
unstructured_xy2grid_xy_vectors(x, y, min_nsteps) From unstructured x and y values, return lists of x and y coordinates


FlatSurfacePlotter(surface[, curvature, ...]) Plots data on a flat surface