Inheritance diagram of FlatSurfacePlotter

class mvpa2.misc.plot.flat_surf.FlatSurfacePlotter(surface, curvature=None, min_nsteps=500, range_='2_98%', threshold=None, color_map=None)

Plots data on a flat surface


set_underlay(u) Sets the underlay

surface: surf.Surface :

a flat surface

curvature: str or np.ndarray :

(Filename of) data representing curvature at each node.

min_steps: int :

Minimal side of output plots in pixel

range_: str or float or tuple :

If a tuple (a,b), then this tuple is returned. If a float a, then (-a,a) is returned. “R(a)”, where R(a) denotes the string representation of float a, is equivalent to range_=a. “R(a)_R(b)” is equivalent to range_=(a,b). “R(a)_R(b)%” indicates that the a-th and b-th percentile of xs is taken to define the range. “R(a)%” is equivalent to “R(a)_R(100-a)%”

threshold: str or float or tuple :

Indicates which values will be shown. Syntax as in range_

color_map: str :

colormap to use


set_underlay(u) Sets the underlay

Sets the underlay