PyMVPA shogun-based kernels

Provides interface to kernels defined in shogun toolbox. Commonly used kernels are provided with convenience classes: LinearSGKernel, RbfSGKernel, PolySGKernel. If you need to use some other shogun kernel, use CustomSGKernel to define one.

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CustomSGKernel(kernel_cls[, kernel_params]) Class which can wrap any Shogun kernel and it’s kernel parameters
LinearSGKernel([normalizer_cls, normalizer_args]) A basic linear kernel computed via Shogun: K(a,b) = a*b.T
PolySGKernel(**kwargs) Polynomial kernel: K(a,b) = (a*b.T + c)**degree
PrecomputedSGKernel([matrix]) A kernel which is precomputed from a numpy array or a Shogun kernel
RbfSGKernel(**kwargs) Radial basis function: K(a,b) = exp(-||a-b||**2/sigma)
SGKernel(*args, **kwargs) A Kernel object with internal representation in Shogun