Support for storage using the NeuroImaging Markup Language (NIML).

Supports storing most typical values (samples, feature attributes, sample attributes, dataset attributes) that are in a dataset in NIML format, as long as these values are array-like.


No support for ‘sophisticated’ values such as Mappers

New in version 2.3.0.


from_any(x) Get a Dataset from the input
from_niml(dset[, fa_labels, sa_labels, a_labels]) Convert a NIML dataset to a Dataset
hstack(dsets[, pad_to_feature_index, ...]) Stacks NIML datasets while considering node indices
read(fn) Read a Dataset from a file in NIML format
to_niml(ds) Convert a Dataset to a NIML dataset
write(fn, ds[, form]) Write a Dataset to a file in NIML format