Miscellaneous functions to perform operations on datasets.

All the functions defined in this module must accept dataset as the first argument since they are bound to Dataset class in the trailer.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.datasets.miscfx


aggregate_features(dataset[, fx]) Apply a function to each row of the samples matrix of a dataset.
coarsen_chunks(source[, nchunks]) Change chunking of the dataset
get_nsamples_per_attr(dataset, attr) Returns the number of samples per unique value of a sample attribute.
get_samples_by_attr(dataset, attr, values[, ...]) Return indices of samples given a list of attributes
get_samples_per_chunk_target(dataset[, ...]) Returns an array with the number of samples per target in each chunk.
random_samples(dataset, npertarget[, ...]) Create a dataset with a random subset of samples.
remove_invariant_features(dataset) Returns a new dataset with all invariant features removed.
remove_nonfinite_features(dataset) Returns a new dataset with all non-finite (NaN,Inf) features removed
summary(dataset[, stats, lstats, sstats, ...]) String summary over the object
summary_targets(dataset[, targets_attr, ...]) Provide summary statistics over the targets and chunks


SequenceStats(seq[, order]) Simple helper to provide representation of sequence statistics