Query properties and features of a PyMVPA installationΒΆ

The info` command is the central interface to get information on a PyMVPA installation. PyMVPA has versatile debugging capabilities and allows for fine-grained access to process information. The --debug option lists all configured debug channels to can be enabled via the MVPA_DEBUG environment variable.

# what was the name of the debug channel for 'searchlight' analyses?
pymvpa2 info --debug | grep -i searchlight

With --external information on known software dependencies can be retrieved.

# what version of nibabel is used by pymvpa?
pymvpa2 info --externals | grep nibabel

When run without arguments, the info command generates a comprehensive report on the computational environment that is very useful for productive bug reporting.

# create a description of the computing environment that can be posted on the
# pymvpa mailing list to make a bug report more informative
pymvpa2 info

See also

The full source code of this example is included in the PyMVPA source distribution (doc/examples/cmdline/query_pymvpa.sh).